Remaining Anonymous While Speaking of the Obvious


Okay, so today was Megan’s surprise birthday party that her boyfriend, her mom, and I (her mom claims I helped although I did absolutely nothing) planned. We were actually really worried about nobody being able to come. Most of the people we invited ended up coming, though. As soon as I got to her house her boyfriend was blowing up a copious amount of red balloons. I was informed that Megan kept going on about how she wanted 99 red balloons at her party because of a song she liked. There obviously wasn’t 99 of them, but there was a lot.

Eventually people started showing up. Caitlyn and one of the Hannah’s showed up together. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t really know either of them enough to form an opinion about them. One thing I do know is that they are permanently joined at the hip. Cordell and Nathan showed up together. They’re pretty cool guys; I feel unnecessarily intimidated by them though. They’re a couple of goofballs anyways. Later while we were all in the pool he kept going on about how some guy he knew laughs, and he kept flailing his arms everywhere and going crazy. Abby arrived after them. I don’t really know what to even think of Abby anymore. It’s like she gets offended at the smallest thing, and is just a pisspoor sport about everything. It’s almost as if she’s afraid of having fun. I love her and she’s my friend, but I don’t know how much longer I can take it. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m kind of glad she’s going away for college. Christian showed up at literally the last second possible and only stayed for maybe 20 minutes. Yet again, I don’t know what to think of him either. Prom night was cool and all, but it’s almost a blur at this point. I feel like it’s just awkward between us now, like we had that one night where we connected and any time after that is just dull. I don’t think that we ever would have gotten this way if prom hadn’t ever happened. Then again, I feel like we were always kind of distant in the first place. Megan walked in confused and almost walked out. She was really happy about everything though. Her other friend Hannah and Hannah’s boyfriend rode over there with her. I can’t say I’m much of a fan of them. They’re probably one of the most disturbing couples I’ve ever witnessed. I feel like this has turned into a gossip post now.

Back to the party… We all got into the pool whenever everyone came. I say “we”, but Caitlyn and Abby and Christian didn’t go in, and Hannah only swam for a little bit. Christian had to go to some kind of work party thing and couldn’t get wet. Abby and Caitlyn didn’t have any excuse other than the fact that they didn’t want to get in. Abby wore a flannel shirt for God’s sake. She knew it was a pool party, so why didn’t she–anyways…

The best thing was that Abby eventually got soaked from the slip and slide. We were constantly trying to push her down when Nathan finally made her lose her balance. IT WAS HILARIOUS. Somehow Nathan ended up ripping her shirt (that was too small already) under her arm. Once again, it was really funny. I guess I’m still pissed at Abby for being pissed. She’s always in a bad mood now,and I just don’t get it. I take part in conversations about her, and I mean the things I say, but now I’m questioning whether we’re even friends anymore. I don’t know the person she is now. All I know is that I used to be best friends with this amazing, beautiful, blow-you-away-with-the-words-she-speaks girl, and I don’t know where the hell she went. And you know what really pisses me off? I gave her two-fucking-page Senior card at chapel, and she didn’t give me more than a paragraph. The really ironic thing is that she’s going into journalism. JOURNALISM.

Okay rant over…

Megan ended up loving all of her presents, mine included. I bought her a couple of cactus plants and the newest Black Keys CD. She couldn’t remember telling me about them though. I worry about Megan’s forgetfulness sometimes. It makes me wonder how her mind will be when she gets older. It’s probably nothing, but it makes me scared that she’d forget about me one day.

Once things started winding down we made a fire and started playing Catchphrase. The only people left at that point were Hannah and her boyfriend, Kenneth, Megan, Nathan, and me. Tonight I discovered how competitive I actually am. Will, Hannah’s boyfriend, kept on answering for the wrong team because he’s honestly an idiot (and a racist). About two rounds in I was getting sick and tired of it though. Let’s just say I set everyone straight on who was on whose team. I may have also given them an earful about who Billy Bob Thorton is because really, who doesn’t know who Billy Bob Thorton is?

Overall it was a really nice day. I got to know Kenneth and Nathan more, and got over my timidness around them. I aim to be more confident in my actions, even if it’s just a tad bit more. Nathan’s not as bad of a guy as Abby says he is, but then again they basically hate each other. Kenneth, Megan, Nathan, and I finished off the night with a bit of glow in the dark balloons and glowstick swimming, and watched Joe Dirt until my mom showed up.

I’m glad I decided not to go to Atlanta for the weekend…


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