I’m Taking a Ghost to Prom

Tonight was one of the shittiest nights of my week.

But it was awfully amazing.

Abby, as I have mentioned in past posts, invited me to go with her to a ghost bus tour (get it? like ghostbuster?) in our hometown. Our expectations were semi-high before the coach bus arrived. They were soon crushed with the realization that the bus was full of senior citizens and would soon be perused by underpaid actors in cheesy costumes. Keep in mind that these “actors” soon became the ghosts for the night’s attraction. We boarded the bus, and found that we were the youngest people on the bus except for a poor 7 year old girl who seemed ecstatic over seeing actual ghosts. As Abby pointed out, she even wore her orange jack-o-lantern shirt. I wore a Supernatural t-shirt because, well, I tend to dress in coordination with the theme of events without even realizing it from time to time. I can’t tell you much about the tour because I was too busy making terrible puns about the “ghosts'” names. The woman that led our trip looked identical to Phyllis on The Office, but sounded more along the lines of that one heavy set guy on Modern Family. Sorry, I’ve never seen the show, but I’ve seen plenty of the previews for it waiting for the Goldbergs to play on ABC.

The best part of the tour was this: I asked a ghost girl to prom.

Let me explain:

At the beginning of the tour we were riding past a lot of weird looking ladies holding signs up. Don’t worry, it was all part of the act; we don’t have protests where I live. We’re all too lazy over here to care about any issues except Donald Trump. At one point I pointed out a girl in the crowd who was extremely pretty. At that moment I didn’t realize that she would eventually be coming onto the bus. Around the last 20 minutes of the tour, Phyllis-lady introduced her as… well, I don’t quite remember her name. Her story was very memorable though: she was supposed to go to a ball, and ended up not going (I didn’t really care by the time this happened. I was just ready to leave the bus). She came in crying with her makeup smeared and her dress ripped, and started walking down the aisle. She asked someone near the front of the bus if her dress was nice, and she began walking our way. This was our moment, okay? She starts walking all the way to the back of the bus where Abby and I were sitting; I was in the seat closest to the aisle. That’s when she asks “Do you think I’d have had a good time at the ball?” I proceed to stutter out “Y-y-yes.” As she’s walking away, I mutter loud enough for her to hear, “I’d go with you.”

We were allowed to take pictures later with the cast, but Abby and her mom were ready to leave immediately. I can’t really blame them honestly.

However, I will always recall the day I almost had a ghost girlfriend and almost took her to prom.


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