Looking Back

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t even touched this blog in nearly two years. Now I work at Starbucks, have a girlfriend of nearly a year, and have discovered that I am, in fact, GAY. I’m not sure if I stopped posting after I moved in with my grandmother, but I’m out of the house that once tormented me and I haven’t stayed one more night there since then. It’s been a wild year, let alone two years.

I wish I could have told myself two years ago not to jump so quickly to conclusions about yourself because you’re still discovering who you are. I’m still finding out new things about myself every single day. I can’t say that my depression has let up too much, but I’ve learned how to cope with things more effectively. Not only that, but I have a rock to lean on: my girlfriend. I won’t go into too much detail because I’m probably the only one that will come back and read these posts, but Tricia is my heart and soulmate. I love her to death and I hope to God that nothing happens between us to make us drift apart.

I’m still struggling to come out to my mom and grandma. Unfortunately I don’t have much time left because I move in with Tricia in August. This was a conscious decision with no pressure from her part. I’m making this decision because I want this more than anything. It’s been difficult hiding things from my family for nearly a year now, but things are going to get better. I know that they’ll get worse before they improve, but it’s all about timing, right?

I don’t know if I’ll revisit this blog again because it doesn’t seem relevant at the moment, but if I do, I’m sure I’ll have grown up that much more.



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